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Promoting Ideas of Tomorrow to enhance how we interface with the world

Dedicated to those ready to accelerate their ideas, we seek to mentor and accelerate revenue growth for those who are passionate about their work, rooted in the IoT-spectrum, across various industry segments.


The passion that drives you, drives us

By supporting your efforts in future technology, together, we believe in a better tomorrow. The Jetty IoT is dedicated to operations rooted in the IoT spectrum across various industry segments, and we seek to unite and mentor those who are passionate about developing their ideas.  We value innovation that can be shaped into a SaaS-revenue model, while serving well-defined market niches, and we specifically encourage entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who share these values to join our community.


What makes Jetty IoT different

At the  Jetty we support growth-stage entrepreneurs who want to positively impact the IoT world.

We welcome individuals and teams from many industries, but business ideas focused in the following areas may benefit the most from joining us:

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Experience makes the difference

If you’re serious about accelerating revenue, you need experienced mentors on your side to guide you—even push you, at times. We can provide sales and marketing mentorship, strategic guidance, and access to investment partners.

Sometimes a conversation with the right person, a connection, an encouragement, is all you need. We’re here for that too.

Meet the Team

Jetty IoT (Ideas of Tomorrow) was founded by Tom and Carol Patterson. Tom and Carol are entrepreneurs, mentors, and philanthropists that care passionately about their community. Tom is a technology entrepreneur with a track record of building, advising, and investing in, multiple successful companies. He has mentored at the Innovation Depot in Birmingham, AL and currently mentors for the Spring Entrepreneur Hub, in Pensacola, FL. Their connections and network is vast, and they currently split their time between Birmingham and Pensacola.

Tom and his associates offer over 50 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Tom Patterson

Tom has a long history as an entrepreneur, starting with his paper route at age 11 which propelled him through public schools into The University of Alabama. Although he earned a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering, he resolved his frustrations as a practicing design engineer through a transition to technical sales and marketing. Over a 10 year period selling computers in the niches of simulation, process control, space exploration, military applications, agriculture, waterways management, nuclear energy, and healthcare, he launched himself into starting a stream of companies spanning 40 years.

For the last 5 years Tom has focused on angel investing and mentoring young entrepreneurs in sales and marketing, as “they often struggle with getting really good ideas from concept to sustained revenue and profitability.” With the evolution of the Internet of Things and his family’s love for sailing, Tom, with his wife Carol and son Jared, started yet another company in 2019 to build IoT sensor-based systems for monitoring security and collision-avoidance for the boating world. That company, TocaroBlue, is the anchor tenant at Jetty IoT. Tom, through the members that join Jetty IoT, wants to combine his enjoyment of mentoring with the thrill of seeing small companies grow. He has specific interest in seeing the historical Warrington area thrive with high-tech opportunities for its community.

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Carol Patterson

Carol Patterson has spent 50 years enjoying a very diverse and exciting career which has included working in small privately-owned businesses, healthcare and hospital corporations, ie, CIGNA and Hospital Affiliates, and as an entrepreneur helping to start new companies with her husband, Tom, including TXEN, DAXKO, Tocaro Blue, and Jetty IoT.

Her breadth of knowledge stems from her background in finance/accounting, business and property development, office management, facilities management, and operations.

Carol is a mentor extraordinaire and tirelessly tackles new projects and partnerships in support of entrepreneurship and community.

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Jared Patterson

Jared is an experienced project manager, team manager, and sales and marketing executive.  After graduating from UAB he worked in the non-profit sector with Habitat for Humanity, where he developed and implemented new programs and recruited and managed over 15,000 volunteers worldwide.   

Jared earned his Master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Sports Business Management.  Before, during, and after grad school he worked for the University of Alabama Athletic Department working directly with the Alabama Football program.  

Jared currently is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Tocaro Blue, an anchor member of the Jetty IoT.  Jared has been involved with Jetty IoT since its inception and will continue to collaborate with, and support, the mentoring of Jetty IoT members.

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Karen McLouth

Following a varied career founded in impeccable customer service and servant leadership, Karen was pivotal in launching and creating the community vibe and business ecosystem cowork space in downtown Pensacola, Cowork Annex. She helped establish the Kaufmann Foundations’ popular and competitive 1MC program for entrepreneurs in Pensacola, and hosted Techstars Startup Weekend. Karen has supported and collaborated with various local organizations in her community efforts to support entrepreneurs, to include Iten Wired, IT Gulf Coast, Pensacola Young Professionals, Co:Lab, and the Pensacola Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Group. She has helped found several non-profit organizations and is still currently serving as an active board member and advocate for Capacity Path; who provide training workshops and programs to rebuild capacity and resilience in individuals and communities affected by traumatic events.

Karen’s mission is to always create and cultivate positive and collaborative relationships, to foster growth, and facilitate connection. She is passionate about helping others succeed, building community, and empowerment leadership.

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Emily Seay

A 2021 graduate from the University of West Alabama with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Emily most enjoyed studying management and marketing. She interned in hospitality and tourism throughout her college years, and also worked in her university office assisting in the varied tasks of preparing to launch a new degree program. Emily enjoys the operations side of business, is inspired by collaborations and connections in the workspace, and is eager to improve her skillset – which she gets to do in the entrepreneurial environment at the Jetty.

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Strategic Partners

If you would like to collaborate with us to offer your services and/or expertise to our members, please contact us. Strategic partners are invaluable to the success of our local entrepreneurs. Thank you!

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